Ukulele Lessons Omaha

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Bob Ledenbach. I started playing guitar at the age of 12 and was. Ive been for 40 years, as member of the local musicians Union, working with multiple drums play jazz, Latin and r & b. Guitar Center Omaha opened April 14, 2011, bring out get ready for a concert or recording or jam with friends only a music single make in the Midwest offers a large selection of guitars, drums, ukulele lessons omaha keyboards, recording, PA and DJ hardware, but also a Studio, fully equipped for groups and musicians at the time of the creation of the new songs, to the rental. We have also a complete rental Department for stage hire. Our qualified and competent staff is a package of hire for every occasion, sitting in the Studio, on stage and also adjust. Contact our shop at 402-330-1709 and ask the rental Department. We are here, serve the community as a whole and the instrument PA Omaha leasing. Guitar Center Omaha presents PA new Department rent a musical instrument in the Midwest. Our goal is to offer the best car rental experience in Nebraska. We provide all your hire including needs: • • guitar musical instruments sound system hire • rent • rent • rent drum • keyboard microphone • rental • effects for PA hire rental • rental lighting DJ • rent • rent • speaker backline rental, we have a team of dedicated teachers teach 7 days a week and Bassobatteria GitarreSingstimme, piano and ukulele! Can ProTools and logic trainer certification are available on the latest recording techniques or teach how you to implement the new system. We have a site-Guitar Tech back to Jenny, configure or install other mods who think can with his axe. Combined sales force, which has more than 200 years of experience in music, performance and sales in Omaha Omaha to help find the ideal tool to help you make the music you love. At any time stop, see and play gear, hang out with the team and find your dream. We are pleased to welcome him here! there. .