Ukulele Lessons Roseville Ca

MO-FR 7: 00Sat 10:00 10. 05 00. Sun 11 00. 4: 00 00We at night every week from 07. 00 officially closed, but often have class and events as a van up to 08. 00 and then. Call us at (916) 787-8786 for specific for each closing night. 02.10 2013 had bought my first Uke here and the staff was very friendly and knew in a timely manner and recommended some ukulele Uke boat gave me a booklet for beginners group classes support inside the archive. I was quite nervous to learn from other people, but also a chance, however. Dani was the teacher, and she was so sweet ukulele lessons roseville ca and easy to talk with. The class had a range of age and was great fun! Dani, starting with the basics of the various parts of the Uke and learning at the end of the first class had to play a song. Remember, not very musically inclined, so this was a serious feat. At the end of last week of class could easily in my Uke jam and it was extremely committed to play against each other. I wanted the intermediate category, which had to learn more complicated agreements more enjoyable and has also studied with Dani and strum, etc. now have a ukulele, keep my car, home and continued when I have a cold I together socially. People are always impressed by my ability of Uke and chicks that I like!If I move not Sacramento/Roseville always see classes in this place. Go here, if you are curious on ukulele and more, keep regret want to know!Eduardo was from my birth, my life of music and singing of the passion of my father's influence. My sense of music did not begin the melodies and rhythms with the understanding of the words, but. To be honest, it was the first language I learned the music! How is it possible? Well, not my hearing speak fluently and very good, because when I was in eighth grade. But by the grace of God, understood the language of music before!At the age of 10 months, surprised me with a deadly disease: meningitis. But thank God I survived. Because of illness was legally deaf (deep cut) in the left ear and hearing problems (with stripes), in the right ear. I currently use a device's headset on your right ear. My disability, must listen to the gift of music to understand. .